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PETS® System Requirements:

486 or better IBM compatible PC

Windows 95/98/00/XP/NT

SVGA (800x600) monitor

8 MB min/ 14 MB max hard drive

Process Engineering ToolS™ 4.2 Software

Process Engineering ToolS™ version 4 is a user-friendly engineering software program that is being used worldwide. PETS® contains the following calculation screens:

Pipe System Hydraulics

SRK Flash & Physical Properties

Complete OSHA 1910 Text

Steam Tables

Single, 2-Phase and Compressible Pipe Pressure Drop

Orifice, Control and Relief Valve Sizing & Capacity

Pipe Fitting Equivalent Lengths

Pump Horsepower & NPSH

Pump/System Curve Analysis

Compressor Horsepower

Drum Sizing, Droplet Settling

Heat Exchanger and Air-Cooler Performance

Complex Heat Exchanger w/Physical Properties

Column Diameter and Tray Hydraulics

Unit Conversion Calculator

Project Payout Calculations

ASTM Distillation Conversion

Atmospheric Pressure from Elevation

Glossary w / over 150 Industry Terms

Online Help File with Equations and References

English and SI Units


Compose streams from the following compounds or use petroleum pseudocomponents.

Included Compounds:

PETS® 4.2 Screen Example:  Click on the link to view an example of the PETS® Pipe System Hydraulics Screens.

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